Our Services

White Rose Learning & Coaching  works from a not-for-profit foundation, which implies that any sum of money that is earned from the organization is invested back into, to ensure a greater reach and in turn, benefit society even more. With the help of your social improvement and development programs, we intend to encourage individuals to be more dedicated to the betterment of society. By doing so, we provide a sense of accomplishment for individuals that, as a result of our development programs, are able to give back to the community.  

Furthermore, we offer professional training for a range of abilities that might seem to grab the interests of individuals from different walks of life. Our training routines are highly flexible, which means that you get to benefit from the ideal training services without having to encounter any inconvenience during the process. Our highly capable and knowledgeable staff ensures the optimum learning experience for students with the help of the most effective training procedures that are likely to impress you.


The work of the company  brings together community activities across England and directly supports our mission and objectives: we want to build communities that are healthier, wealthier and happier.

Training / Courses

We are committed to helping people fulfil their potential and achieve their career and personal goals through the delivery of high quality, engaging vocational qualifications.

Sports Coaching

Providing sport and physical activity opportunities for young people and adults through delivery in schools and community venues to increase participation