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Who are White Rose Learning & Coaching CIC and how can they benefit you? We are a non-profit organisation that assists society with various services that individuals from different backgrounds and sectors are likely to benefit from. We offer highly accessible packages to schools and nurseries, providing them with effective coaching solutions that also support their desired budget.

We aim to benefit the community with the best quality of education and coaching services at affordable costs, allowing individuals or small-scale education systems to access world-class education or coaching for themselves or their students. We work from a foundation of trust, dedication, and innovation, allowing the community to acquire the best possible coaching while also ensuring the optimum learning experience for themselves.

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Before you choose to work with White Rose Learning & Coaching, it’s essential for you to fully comprehend who we are and how we can benefit you. For starters, White Rose Learning & Coaching is a CIC (Community Interest Company) that works for the sole purpose of benefitting the community. We offer a wide range of services that are likely to assist individuals and communities in numerous beneficial ways. 

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White Rose Learning & Coaching CIC

White Rose Learning & Coaching CIC is a social enterprise organization that is originally based inside Yorkshire. The ultimate goal of our organization is to ensure that communities get to flourish with the help of our highly advanced programs of development, social improvement, and sustainability. 

We believe that the best way for societies to learn effectively is to start with small steps and gradually work their way up the ladder. For this reason, we arrange a variety of different activities that can help communities and individuals gain knowledge in different areas and sectors. We provide mentoring and coaching services in a variety of different areas, including fitness, sporting, and healthy lifestyle programs that can be brought into practice instantly and without any delays.